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great post. just yesterday, i leearnd of a 48 yr old man from my church who passed away in his sleep sunday night from a ruptured aorta. it was totally unexpected. he had run 9 miles over the weekend! now, the lives of his wife and two kids are totally turned upside down. it's definitely a lesson in stopping to appreciate and love those around you!hang in there!

Posted by Mauro - LGHdJRGz9eFI, WV - rPdfGKlBZx   February 20, 2015

Leave a condolence or a memory.You were the best. I hope your always remembers god bless you

Posted by Joseph o hill - Corpus Christi - Fan   January 03, 2015


To Sarah Burke,
It's two years since you've been gone. I wish you were stiil alive to ski in the 2014 winter olympics. I will always remember you Miss Burke. Lisa Weiner

Posted by Lisa Weiner - Brooklyn, NY - fan   June 08, 2014


GOD bless the family of the late Sarah Burke

Posted by Ruby    February 09, 2012


Beauty in Flight and Angel now who keeps us in sight!

Posted by Diane B. - sports fan   February 08, 2012


January 19th was a sad day in the snow comunnity,it hit us all pretty hard.
I honestly still can't believe this has happened.
You will be truly truly missed and every run will be dedicated to you.

shred in peace Sarah!
We love you!

Posted by Johnny Stephenson - friend   January 30, 2012



I never believe human life can be this much shorter..but life can be too..we can die young but Sarah was great person we are gonna misses you everyday...

Posted by Sunil Kantha Fernando - Fan   January 30, 2012


Why do the good die young?

Posted by Robbyn Smith    January 28, 2012


Sarah is a awesome skier I always watched her on the winter x games and other times !!! God bless I will pray for her

Posted by Ashton - I am a big fan   January 27, 2012


My best wishes to the family and may god be with you all.

Posted by Andrew Rizzo Sr.    January 27, 2012


Please rest in peace. You will be truley missed.


Posted by Janet Mitchell    January 26, 2012


Canada lost a true champion and role model who will truly be missed. Sarah not only gave so much in life but in her far too early death she is still giving. Sarah gave the ultimate gift so others could live on. That is a true champion. I hope that Sarah's legacy lives on in all of us and that we all try to live our lives like Sarah did. May God bless Rory and Sarah's family in this most difficult time.
Lori (Vancouver)

Posted by Lori - fellow skier   January 26, 2012


My thoughts are with Sarah and Rory and their family since the day I have heard of this tragic accident! Sarah showed us again that we only have THIS moment and that is all we have. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow may never come. Live every moment like it is your last. Sarah's kindness was outstanding and inspiring! Thank you for spreading so much love! Sarah you will be missed but never forgotten! RIP!

Posted by Elke - fan   January 26, 2012


RIP Sara

Posted by Deborah - fan   January 25, 2012


Sarah was a person that knew what she wanted in life. There was nothing going to stop her and she fought to get the sport into the olympics. In 2014 as we watch the womens skiing we will all be thinking of you. It is so sad that she passed at a very young age but her memory will live on forever. The Town of Midland lost one great person, and god gained a perfect angel.

Posted by Kendra Sutton - Sarah was afriend of my children   January 25, 2012


My daughter was with you in Ski Patrol on that Tuesday afternoon in Park City. She was saddened to here of the accident and said many a private prayer for Sarah both there in the Ski Patrol office and avery day since. My family is saddened by this loss and pray for that her grace is laid upon her family during this grieving time.

Posted by Martha    January 24, 2012


Rest in Peace

Posted by Jeanne    January 24, 2012



Posted by PATRICIA FITTRO    January 24, 2012


I am truly sorry for your loss. May god bless and keep you,give you the strength thru this very tough time.I will keep you in my prayers.

Posted by lisa hawkins - a fan   January 23, 2012

I really couldn't be more proud to be a good friend of Sarahs. We lived far apart from one another but always kept in touch and remained great friends. I have gone days, weeks, even months without seeing her in the past but knowing I will now have to go a lifetime without seeing her tears me apart inside and out. I have lost more close friends than anyone should ever have to but few have touched my heart in the same way Sarah's passing has. She was a bit older than me and even though the age difference never felt awkward in our friendship I always looked up to her as almost a big sister i never had. I idolized her and will always aspire to be more like her.

Posted by Jess Mastrella - Grass Valley, CA - close friend   January 23, 2012


Rest In Peace...

Posted by Jill Quinn    January 23, 2012


God bless and give you strength at this difficult time.

Posted by Sisa Vanelli - fan   January 23, 2012


The loss of Sarah has touched my heart., besides being a skier, I lost my 25 year old son unexpectedly, 6 years ago. To her family, the pain is unbearable, first daily, then weekly, and slowly it spreads out to those special holidays, birthdays...Not understanding why so early.But you find comfort in knowing that when time comes for you to pass on in your life, your loved one will be there to greet you, and your not afraid anymore., the chain of your family will be connected again. Cherish the joy that was brought to you.

Posted by v. lanegan - a mother   January 23, 2012



Posted by JOSEPHAGUZMAN    January 23, 2012

I just saw this print and I had to give my condolence to the family of this young lady taken so early in life! My niece husband loss his brother on MLK Day, whom was buried yesterday! He also was a achiever & an wonderful athele(sorry for the misspelling) - (age 17). So I truly understand some of the grief. My mother told me this with my niece & her husband are still in deep grieving! God Mainly Want The Best! So at least the family should be reassured, if she loved the Lord - She's At Rest With The Best! Don't Cry for her; she can't hear or see your sorrow. Do cry for yourself which is a process before you'll get better! God Bless Her Family - My Heart Goes Out To Ones That Are In Mourning From Their Loss!

Posted by jene - Milwaukee, WI - none   January 22, 2012


Such a sad loss but she lived doing what she loved and was loved by many

Posted by roberta - proud canadian   January 22, 2012


I mourn and cry with the rest of the world for the loss of such a talented freestyle skier. My condolences to her family, friends and skiing athletes/coaches.

Posted by Karen Elmhirst - Canadian fan   January 21, 2012

To the family of Sarah, we are so very sorry for your loss but please find joy in knowing that through the selfless act of Sarah being an organ and tissue donor she continues to live through others. I wish you peace in your hearts and Gods love at this sad and tragic time.

Posted by J.Kincaid    January 21, 2012


She will be missed

Posted by scot Henru - friend of a friend   January 21, 2012

Lost so soon. May God help your l oved ones through this hard time. Never forgotten. RIP

Posted by ace - gr, CA - fan   January 21, 2012


Rest in peace Sara!

Posted by Bahar - A fan   January 21, 2012


There were few who could even begin to compare to her talent and the many times she gave electricity to her style of skiing and sport in general. Hard to replace such an angel of a talented individual
A true angel now in the heavens Prayers to her family and husband till you see her again

Posted by Deborah Jackson - Fan and admirer   January 21, 2012


Your Light Will Shine Forever Sarah.
Rest In Peace.

Posted by Leaona N - fan   January 21, 2012

I never met Sarah but truly feel for her family, I lost my 30 yr old son in 09 from TBI.
It is so hard as a parent to lose a child & want you to know if you need to talk email me, this is a long & rough journey & only those who "know" it will relate to just how you feel.

Posted by mary menzel - Grand Rapids, MI - grieving Mom   January 21, 2012


An inspiration to the girls, AND the boys of the sport. I hope she's still skiing up there. You'll be missed Sarah

Posted by Paul Burrill - Fan   January 21, 2012


Gone to soon....

Posted by anne - a fan forever   January 20, 2012


Such a sad day for the skiing world. Sarah inspired to put down my snowboard after 12 years and pick up ski's instead. she made me want to be great. She will be so missed, especially here in Aspen as we so loved watching her at X games. My thoughts and prayers are with all her family and especially Rory. May god find a special place for her in heaven - for she is and will always be an angel in the powder. xx

Posted by Arabella Beavers - fan   January 20, 2012


Rest In Peace Sarah.

Posted by Jodie Towsky - admirer   January 20, 2012


You will be missed by many, but not forgotten.

Posted by Don McAskin - Fan   January 20, 2012


a light so bright...a passion so strong...too soon...too young...too sad.

Posted by b.hardy - a mom   January 20, 2012


Sarah Sarah Sarah! You will forever be in all of our hearts! God willing your family will find the strength to continue in your earthly absence. God Bless and rest in peace! The Chamberlain's, UT

Posted by Victoria Chamberlain    January 20, 2012


All my thoughts are with her family and friends.

Posted by Magalie Dube - fan   January 20, 2012

sooo sad ....what a tragic loss, prayers to ur family to find comfort at this hard time.

Posted by marilyn    January 20, 2012


Have watched your skiing efforts and know you have been a great inspiration to many and will be greatly missed. Your light will always shine.

Condolences to family and friends.

Posted by Connie Scranton - Admirer   January 20, 2012


Sarah- I met you in Park City and at many ski events. You inspired a lot of people. My sympathy to all your family and close friends. You will be missed by many!! RIP

Posted by Kim - acquaintance   January 20, 2012


may you be at peace now in God's home. My heart goes out to your family for thier loss of a beautiful and talented young woman.

Posted by Gen - fan   January 20, 2012


it is with great sadness we lose such an icon skier it is such a great loss for the family and canada. i hope you find comfort in the many accomplishments sara has achieved and may she rest in peace with the lord. we will never forget you

Posted by kimberly maeck - fan   January 20, 2012


RIP Sarah. You will be missed by so many. You made our country proud. My heart goes out to your family at this difficult time.

Posted by Tami Herrington Dube    January 20, 2012

SARAH was beautiful - a graceful athlete gliding across the snows; She achieved fame, honors and was an accomlished person. However, in death - SARAH BURKE is elevated to a far greater level of admiration. She left instructions - in the event of her demise - for her organs to be transplanted. Now, at the end-of-her-time, she has extended and improved the lives of many others. THIS TRANSFORMS HER INTO A MAGNIFICENT, COMPASSIONATE ANGEL.

Posted by Audrey Burtrum-Stanley - AR   January 20, 2012


i remember sarah as to be the most amazing freeskier and woman i ahve ever seen and known

Posted by darian young - fan and friend   January 20, 2012


What a sin
very sorry to hear of Sarah's death. A great athelete, ambassador, and canadian.
Paul MacDougall
Sydney, NS

Posted by paul macdougall    January 20, 2012


Too soon to leave us.

Posted by Linda Trotter    January 20, 2012


Thinking of you and your family and friends

Posted by Janette Kirch    January 20, 2012


May you rest in peace Sarah.

Posted by betty yetman    January 20, 2012


To Sarah's husband, family and friends: May GOD bless you in this moment of loss. It is wonderful and yet sad that her life was cut short practicing the sport that she loved the most. Unfortunately her purpose on this earth is complete and GOD has called her to be at HIS side. Everything that she accomplished in her sport will live on forever and all the women who will come after her will have Sarah to thank. And from wherever she is now may her spirit live on in everyone whom she touched and helped. GOD bless you Sarah and you will be missed forever. Until we all meet again.

Posted by Luz Rico    January 20, 2012



Posted by Mike wolfe - FAN   January 20, 2012


To Family and Friends,

We are so sorry for your loss, your Angel is sking in the clouds, watching over all of us.

Linda and JJ

Posted by Linda    January 20, 2012


May God be your comfort thru this troubling time.

Posted by Neatha McClain - none   January 20, 2012


here`s to a great Canadian freestyle skier ,one we shell never forget.she always had a smile on her face and gave freindship to anyone she met,,The Taylor family

Posted by Elton Taylor    January 20, 2012

How very sad such a rising star left this earth so early.May God bless and keep you Sarah. God bless her husband Rory.

Posted by Mark Duke - Saint John NB - Fan   January 20, 2012


My prayers for the family.

Posted by elizabeth trendt - fan   January 20, 2012


RIP, Sarah. A hero to so many

Posted by Diane Renfree    January 20, 2012